Of Shadows and Crows

The Blood Assassin Book 1





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Bria Allen is not the ordinary vampire. In fact, she’s a Sister for the Assembly of Shadows, a coven of elite assassins who hunt rogue vampires and leave the crows to feast on their dead bodies. To be a Sister is a birthright and to be an elite assassin is a legacy, one that Bria has wanted since she was a child. Until one day, she discovers the truth. 


The Assembly of Shadows isn’t what it seems.


Sava Herstoj, High Priest of the Assembly of Shadows, is the real rogue vampire. He has been plaguing the minds of bloodsuckers for years, trying to create an elite race of monsters. 


Bria must face her biggest fears: standing up to Sava Herstoj and bringing shame to her family or keeping her secrets to herself. No matter which one she chooses, everyone has something to lose. 

Find out what happens in Of Shadows and Crows (The Blood Assassin Book 1)

The Cursed Daughter

The Cursed Kingdom Book Three



She was born of dark magick. She was destined to unite the world.

War has been brewing in Dramolux for the past few months and is far from over between Aixeris and Treoles. queen aymeri has beheaded empress' dimia's closest ally and has taken the kingdom of Theonidor for herself in an effort to prove to the empress that she will not back down.


empress dimia will stop at nothing to claim the dark magic she has sought her entire life. until she is brought to her knees and haunts death's door. her agony has awakened the dark sorceress, leaniya who has vowed to destroy her kingdom, aixeris. 

Will Dimia die at the hands of Queen Aymeri before she has a chance to claim the magick and destroy leaniya? or will Queen Aymeri listen to reason and allow dimia to become its vessel?

Find out in this jaw-dropping conclusion to The Cursed Kingdom Trilogy!

I stumbled upon this author by chance this week and I thought I’d take a look at her creativeness by purchasing and reading her latest novel. Let me state, I was pleasantly surprised. Her narrative was intriguing and her story line pulled me into the pages right from the beginning. 

-Amazon Customer 




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